Wisconsin Police BEAT AND kill unarmed man is now being awarded WPPA merit award.


To whom it may concern:
There is a police shooting cover up going on in
Kenosha, Wisconsin. On November 9, 2004 an unarmed man
was beaten, pinned to a car and then took a fatal shot to the head which ended his life. This incident happened within 5 minutes. Over 200 bruises were found and 4 taser shots (in 21 secs, that 50,000 volts per taser and 200,000 volts total). Now instead of being prosecuted these officers are
ASSOCIATION an award of merit. Please above

Thank you for your time.
Shantae Bell
8310 14th ave
Kenosha, WI 53143

Please check out www.michaelbell.info for more information regarding this issue. DNA article is located there

Bell’s DNA not on gun or holster
Experts say lack of evidence doesn’t refute police’s claim
Mark Hornickel KENOSHA NEWS
Apr 30, 2005
A report from the Wisconsin crime lab says DNA and fingerprints from Michael E. Bell were not found on the gun or holster he reportedly tried to take from a Kenosha police officer last November prior to being killed by another police officer.

However, crime analysis experts say the lack of evidence does not refute the Kenosha Police Department’s contention that Bell, 21, was trying to disarm officer Erich Strausbaugh during the Nov. 9 struggle behind Bell’s home at 8310 14th Ave.

According to the lab report, Strausbaugh’s gun holster and weapon were submitted for processing and DNA analysis, along with buccal, or cheek, samples from Strausbaugh, Bell and Sgt. Ron Bartholomew, a supervising officer who seized the gun for evidence.

Six of 12 swabs from the gun were selected for analysis and processed. The report concludes that Bell and Bartholomew were excluded as possible contributors to DNA found on the holster and gun.

“The report says that the DNA on the holster and on the gun is not Michael Bell’s, which I think is rather significant,” said Patrick Dunphy, an attorney representing the Bell family. “The whole justification for the shooting of Michael Bell was because he was supposedly taking Strausbaugh’s gun, but there was absolutely no DNA.”

The Kenosha Police Department declined to comment on the report, which is dated Jan. 6, citing the pending negligence claim.

“We’ve had that report here for months,” said police spokesman Lt. John Morrissey. “We will have no comment on anything because that’s all part of the negligence claim. Anything to do with this investigation from now on, we just can’t comment.”

Greg Gunta, a Milwaukee attorney assisting the city of Kenosha with its response to the claim, said Friday he won’t discount the lack of DNA evidence, but doesn’t think the report provides evidence that will affect the city’s defense.

“The showing of the DNA does not in any way influence the officer’s clear knowledge the guy had his hand on the gun and was pushing and holding the gun down,” Gunta said. “It gives those who are looking for snippets of information that they feel that they can use against these officers something to talk about. I know there’s high emotions from this case.”

Lab experts interviewed by the Kenosha News echoed Gunta, saying that DNA evidence frequently is not found in such cases.

“It really means nothing,” said Kathryn Maloney, director of a Lansing, Mich., state police laboratory. “It doesn’t mean it wasn’t touched. It doesn’t mean it was.”

Kenosha County Medical Examiner Dr. Mary Mainland, who did not work on the Bell case, agreed.

“In my opinion, it doesn’t mean much of anything,” Mainland said. ” … I know you can’t always get it. Sometimes you’re very lucky in getting DNA evidence and sometimes you’re not.”

Experts also said the amount of contact Bell had with the holster and weapon and the frequency Strausbaugh cleaned the items play factors in acquiring the evidence. It’s possible, experts said, that Bell did not shed enough skin on the gun or holster to collect a DNA sample.

“If that is the officer’s gun and he handles it extensively, his DNA types might be found to overshadow the person that touched it very briefly,” said Ann Gordon, a supervisor of the Michigan lab’s biology unit.

But Dunphy said he remained confident in the Bell family’s claim.

“They may think it’s not a big deal but the bottom line is there’s no evidence of fingerprints on the holster or the gun,” Dunphy said. “There’s no DNA evidence on the holster or the gun. There is absolutely no evidence that Michael Bell’s hand was on the gun or the holster.”

According to Police Department reports of the Nov. 9 incident, Strausbaugh stopped a Ford Explorer driven by Bell for an alleged traffic violation. But Bell resisted as Strausbaugh tried to put him through sobriety tests and fled to the rear of his home, police reports said.

During a subsequent struggle behind the residence, Bell allegedly tried pulling Strausbaugh’s gun from its holster and officer Albert B. Gonzalez shot Bell in the head. The struggle occurred in front of Bell’s mother and sister.

The Police Department and Kenosha County District Attorney Robert Jambois later ruled the officers acted within policies and state law.

The negligence claim since filed by Bell’s family alleges that Gonzalez shot Bell when he was not a threat to any of the officers and that Gonzalez did not verify whether Bell had control of Strausbaugh’s gun. The claim seeks a total of $250,000. The city must respond to it within 120 days of its filing.


The Kenosha Officers Erich R. Strausbaugh, Erich Weidner, and Albert Gonzales are receiving the Wisconsin Professional Police Association Meritorious Award for “Performing within the realm of duty and showing great courage, ability, and devotion to police service,” on May 15, 2005. In other words these four officers when you include Lt. David H. Krueger, shot a young man who did nothing wrong.

He was already parked and out of his vehicle the morning that a cop went 60 mph down 14th ave to catch up with him, and said that he failed to stop at a stop sign (watch the police dash camera video on www.michaelbell.info, Michael did nothing wrong). The cop Strausbaugh then decided to escalate the situation even more by pushing him into the vehicle and the out of the camera. According to the D.A. Jambois every officer has a microphone that connects to his dash camera, but Strausbaugh microphone mysteriously wasn’t on. However, in this case the violence continues the officer starts kicking him which you can tell from the conversation from the enhanced police dash camera. Shortly around this time (2:10 am) my mom and I were awaken from inside the house, we ran downstairs (seeing flashing cop lights in front of the house window) and out the back door where the fighting proceeded to the back (noticed the security sensor spotlights on the garage). When we came outside there were two men (officers) on my hunched over brother, with his arms behind his back kicking him, kneeing him, and beating him with there arms. My brother was screaming “get off me”, we continued to fly down the deck stairs and we yelled at them to “get off of him” and my mother said “get off of him or I am going to call the police” at that moment when came up and were about pull them off the officers said to “get back or I’ll arrest you”. That’s when my mom said “but you are the police” and we noticed at that his point while still beating him up they proceeded to pull my brother to the ground not even three feet away from where they where fighting. We are screaming for “someone to help us, please help us”. My brother then seen his family being in jeopardy moved further away from us. Where he was pinned (by the shoulders, legs moving and him still screaming to “get off
me”) on the Nissan in front of the drivers side door on the hood/fender, the drivers side mirror broke with as force as the officers used. Then other police officers started to arrive on the scene, I seen one out of the corner of my eye around the house, and to next to the grill, and one on the other side of the Nissan on the passenger side of the Nissan, next to our garage is where this all was happening. The cops then yelled he “gots my gun”, while my mom and I seen his hands in handcuffs behind him the whole time. And we’re screaming “please don’t shoot him, he doesn’t have your gun,” and the officers said “shoot him, shoot him” it only took one close range shot which was a fatal head blow for my brother to stop moving (the shot was an ear to ear shot). And we got escorted into the house quickly by the cops, and afraid for our lives, we hurried.

IT APPEARS THAT MICHAEL WAS STALKED BY OFFICER STRAUSBAUGH THE MORNING OF NOVEMBER 9TH. Now after DNA/fingerprint testing, it proves that every officer that night had fingerprints on the gun and even the person who brought it to evidence, but not Michael. Michael had over 200 bruises on him.
Negligence: Officer Strausbaugh tazed 3 times and LT. Krueger tazed Michael once that’s a total of 4 times in 21 seconds. That’s 50,000 volts of electricity every time and 200,000 volts of electricity in 21 seconds.

They are getting away with Murder and now getting awarded for it. Shooting an unarmed handcuffed man, who was pinned by four officers and shot point blank through the head and worst in front of his family.
Please don’t let this happen to you call 1-608-273-3840 or log onto www.wppa.com
Shantae Bell
8310 14 th ave
Kenosha, wi 53143

On May 15th 2005, three out of the four officers are being recognized for their inhuman act that they call bravery. The Professional Police Association is responsible for giving these awards out. If you feel that these Police Officers should not be honored for their bravery for killing a beautiful vibrant life “Michael Bell” you need to call now @ 1-(608)-273-3840…. let them know how you truly feel and how we will not allow these awards to presented. There’s also a website that’s apart of the association and that is www.wppa.com.

* Michael needs his voice to be heard through you. Please, every person you know who knows Michael or knows about the story they need to call and voice their opinion b/c EVERY VOICE MATTERS.

WAIT…IT GETS MORE INTERESTING……………If you didn’t already know, the Kenosha News had an article on the front page of the newspaper proving that MICHAEL BELL DIDN”T have any DNA whats so ever on HOLSTER or GUN. If you remember correctly Michael was shot to death b/c of this reason…Here is part of the cover up story from a police officers testimony that happened that night.

“During the struggle, the suspect tried to commandeer Officer Strausbaugh’s weapon. As the suspect tried to pull Officer Strausbaugh’s gun from his holster, Strausbaugh put his own hand on the holster and pushed down. Officers Strausbaugh and Weidner continued to struggle with the suspect, who had been stunned with a Taser twice but continued to resist. The officers called for the suspect to be stunned again but it did not deter him. The suspect rose up and bull-rushed Officer Strausbaugh and put him up against a car. Officer Gonzales saw this and heard Strausbaugh yell “He’s got my gun!” Gonzales yelled, “Straus, does he still have your gun?” Gonzales….

This is a website that is put together by the family of MICHAELBELL http://www.michaelbell.info/index.html . If you would like to read the article about the new DNA evidence please go to this website. Then look for this heading…. Kenosha News article on 4/30/05 about the lack of DNA evidence **NEW**… I’m looking forward in making this world a better place and we will make a difference thank-you for your time & actions.

This is a state wide award and other police officers are suppose to be looking up to these officers.