What do you DO all day?

Liz Tubman

When you see those white SUVs with “Campus Security” painted on the side drive by, do you ever wonder, “Who are those guys … and what do they do all day?” Well, one of those guys just happens to be a recent Lawrence graduate named Colin Powell. Powell graduated from Lawrence just last year and started working for Campus Security in this September.
When asked the all-important question, “What do you all day?” Powell said that one of his main responsibilities while on duty is in fact driving all over campus making rounds. He remarked that it’s probably one of his favorite parts of the job because he gets to “drive around a free car for like, ten hours a day.” He added with a laugh, “The only bad part is I can only drive it a mile off campus!”
Powell takes his responsibility seriously, however, and is always watching out to make sure that students and other members of the Lawrence community remain safe while on campus.
Not only does Campus Security take care of the people in the Lawrence community, but they are also in charge of animal control. One of Powell’s most interesting experiences working for Campus Security certainly falls into this category. “We had to chase some bats out of Main Hall one time. They weren’t too happy about those bright lights we used!” he exclaimed.
So whether it’s keeping Main Hall bat-free or making rounds of the campus in the wee hours of the morning, Colin Powell is one of the guys working hard to serve Lawrence and the surrounding community. Campus Security employs five full-time officers and three part-time officers, all of whom work closely with the Appleton Police Department to maintain a safe and healthy environment here at Lawrence. So the next time you see those Campus Security cars driving around, think of Powell and his fellow Security staff and thank them for the way they are serving the Lawrence community by making this campus a great place to live.