Defending myself

There is nothing wrong with having different opinions. I am glad that you felt the need to respond to me with such passion. However, I am a little taken aback by the fact that you make it some kind of personal issue because our opinions differ. The arrogance you exhibited in your criticism of myself and Ben Dictus just shows that you are not as open minded as you would like to think.
How is the air up there? The moral high ground must be a wonderful place to be. How dare you ask me things like, “When did you start caring about the Kurds?” When did you start caring about the Iraqis? (Is that spelling ok for you?) Anybody can play the, I care more about people game. Anybody can play the, I know more about the issues game. But why does it have to become a personal attack on me? I may not have the same opinions as you, but does that make you so much better than me?
In making my beliefs relative to my quality as a person, you are doing the same thing we criticize Saddam and Hitler for; not allowing other beliefs. Don’t mix up your opinions and your facts, and when you attack someone’s beliefs, be very careful where you draw the line between what they think and who they are.