Letter to Editor

“Hey, meet me at Downer.” “At the con, back at 10.” “Thanks for helping me out last night.” “Fags burn in hell.” “Pole smoker.” “God hates fags.” “Burn with Satan.” “Why’d you tell?”
What do all these phrases have in common? These are all messages that have been written on dorm room whiteboards since you arrived on campus two weeks ago.
The last five were specifically targeted at one of your fellow students living in Plantz Hall. Beyond this sample of insults and threats, this student has received repeated hateful messages on their whiteboard –not only in the dead of night, but in broad daylight as well.
We in the Plantz community are shocked and outraged that any student would target another in this way. Every person has the right to free speech, but with that right comes responsibility. We are disappointed that a student here would violate the trust of our community in such a cowardly manner.
We call for the Lawrence campus to be a No-Hate Zone. This means that if we hear something discriminatory — no matter how small the comment — we speak out against it immediately. Being a part of a community requires showing maturity and taking responsibility. Be proud and unafraid of who you are. Show everyone the respect they deserve.
Tolerance. Trust. Safety. That’s all we ask for.
The Plantz Community