Soulfe****accent over that e****ge to present new album to Lawrence –ajs -mts

Alex Schaaf

Lawrence will be visited Oct. 14 by Soulfe****accent e****ge, a group based out of Los Angeles that offers a unique blend of hip-hop, reggae, funk and West African highlife.
The group will be performing in the Riverview Lounge at 8 p.m. Presenting the recently released album “Take Back the Mic,” the group bills itself as “the new inspiration for truth and change in a world blinded by hate and wealth.”
The group is led by Ashong, also known as DNA, who was recently named a “YouTube phenom” by ****The New York Times****, getting over one million hits for his “informed response to an aggressive reporter outside the Obama-Clinton debates this February.
The group won a Billboard songwriting award in 2007 for “Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year.”
The press release states that the band is “poised to redefine the sound and image of Urban music as they challenge a generation to literally ‘Take Back the Mic.'”
Be sure to check it out as they perform Tuesday night.