The other new year

Minh Nguyen

This might sound strange, but in a few parts of the world, 2011 just started at 11 p.m on Wednesday and it has nothing to do with the time difference. It is certainly a strange experience to spend the Lunar New Year in Econometrics and make it through “New Year’s Eve” in snow instead of fireworks. But it’s certainly not too bad taking into account that I already had my celebration in International House two days prior.
The Chinese Department organized the whole party, but Lunar New Year is celebrated in many parts of the world. To get an idea, type “Lunar New Year” into Google and you will see that it is being celebrated in at least six countries: Vietnam, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore. So if you see your friends or other Lawrentians around campus who are from the countries above, wish them a happy New Year and come drop by International House from time to time because you might get to share some of the most amazing New Year food ever. And be nice to cats and rabbits, because this is their lunar year.