A Summary of Business

Will Doreza

In an effort to continue increasing the transparency and accountability of LUCC, the administration of LUCC will be publishing an LUCC Newsletter once per term. This letter will contain information enlightening the Lawrence community of LUCC’s business during the previous term.
Newly recognized student organizations:
 Lawrence University Racquetball Club
 LU Street Dance
 Lawrence University Tang Soo Do Club
 Lawrence University Student ASTA (American String Teachers Association)
 VITAL (Volunteers in Tutoring at Lawrence)
 LU Symphony Orchestra Social Activities Committee
 LUIGI (Lawrence University Investment Group Initiative)
 CSA – CD (Chinese Student Association – Chinese Dragon)
 Hip Hop Congress
 LUMA (Lawrence University Musicology Association)
If you are interested in starting a student organization, information can be found on the LUCC webpage.LUCC is responsible for maintaining, changing and updating the Student Handbook. Below are the changes made during the previous term:
Incense Extant Legislation – the burning of incense is no longer allowed in any residence building.
LUCC By-Law IV.A – explicitly states that appointed members of the cabinet do not receive the franchise on any LUCC matters.
LUCC By-Law IV.B.2.b.iv – proposed student organizations must offer a clearly iterated purpose within the Lawrence community in order to be considered for recognition by Steering Committee.

Resolutions are the will of the council directing actions to be taken on their behalf, if it pertains to matters of LUCC, notably the standing committees of LUCC. The following are resolutions made:
Resolution to the Environmental Responsibility Committee – authorizing the use of the Voyager system to conduct a survey to gauge the Lawrence community’s environmental mindset as well as its habits.
Resolution to Student Welfare – instructing the committee to conduct research into the possibility of a campus-wide smoking ban, including gathering student feedback.
The voting record of all representatives can be found on the LUCC website. The document shows how your representatives voted for resolutions and legislation amendments.

Remaining General Council Meetings and important dates:
Feb. 7 – General Business, Hurvis Room
Feb. 21 – General Business, Hurvis Room
Feb. 23 – Staff Appreciation Day: wear blue to show your support for LU’s staff!
Feb. 28 – Executive and Cabinet Transition, General Business, Mead Witter Room

Steering Committee meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. for recognition requests, to review legislation and policies and to appoint students.
Finance Committee meets every Thursday at 8 p.m. to hear allocation requests and to convene as grant committees.
Residence Life Committee meets every Thursday at 11:15 a.m. in Arthur Vining Davis Room.
Student Welfare Committee meets every other Thursday at 11:10 a.m. in 401 Mudd Library.
Committee on Diversity Affairs meets every Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Office of Multicultural Affairs.
Environmental Responsibility Committee meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Kraemer Room.

Interested in serving in any capacity of LUCC?
The newly reconstructed LUCC website offers students information about LUCC and ways they can get involved or contact LUCC. The website is located at http://www.
If you have any concerns that you think LUCC should hear, tell your district representative or any member of the cabinet, or email LUCC at LUCC@lawrence.edu.

Executives and Officers of LUCC:

Andrew King – President
Ellie Crean – Vice President
Stephen Nordin – Parliamentarian
Oren Jakobson – Treasurer
Zara Mathew – General Secretary
Breanna Skeets – Finance Secretary
Will Doreza – Public-Relations Secretary
J.R. Vanko – President Elect
Carl Byers – Vice President Elect