Letter to the Editor – jbs -cd

James Eric Prichard

Evidently marijuana-related events transpired that resulted in a student being punished. I do not know much about the situation, but have some thoughts on the general issue. Many students at Lawrence use marijuana at least occasionally, and many who abstain do not have a problem with its use. Lawrence’s drug policy is very proper and law-abiding, but does not actually need to be carried out to a letter. Many institutions turn a blind eye toward marijuana use without officially endorsing it. I believe that most students would rather have Lawrence take this course of action, allowing its students to be independent thinkers who decide for themselves. The administration evidently believes that marijuana usage is not an issue where students should think independently. I hope that this belief of the administration exists as a result of the close analysis of the substance that would befit a liberally educated person. Lawrence should adhere to the ideals it attempts to impart.