What’s on your iPod? Elena Amesbury

1. “Top of the Hill,” Tom Waits
So this is Tom Waits, who was in the movie “Coffee and Cigarettes” along with Bill Murray and just about everyone else. This is a very funky song. This album is not patriotic, to the extent of even having some subtle anti-patriotic themes to it, so be forewarned. 2. “Romulus,” Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan is pronounced [S-you-F-ee-yawn]. That is not IPA. His music is lovely. I chose not to write about four or so other songs by him, which my iPod supplied to me on shuffle. A piece of one of his songs was in “Little Miss Sunshine.” He does albums about states, this one is about Michigan. Check out Asthmatic Kitty records, on the internet, or the World Wide Web, whichever, really. It’s the label he set up, and has some pretty nifty artists whose songs you can listen to, for download or otherwise.

3. “Zissou Society Blue Star Cadets/ Ned’s Theme Take 1,” The Life Aquatic Soundtrack
Bill Murray is my idol, for various reasons, not all of them obvious to me. This movie is one of the Darjeeling Limited, the Royal Tenanbaums and Rushmore pack. In this particular flick, Bill Murray is often found in a Speedo looking despondent. But the soundtrack is a keeper, ultimately because of the David Bowie songs covered in Portuguese by Seu Jorge.

4. “Just One Kiss,” Mix CD compiled by Sarah Page:
Sarah makes good mix CDs. Ask her for one if you feel comfortable doing so. This is a good song. It’s either about kissing, or about drugs. Neither? I had the artist written down at one point, but I’ve lost it since freshman year.

5. “Only Skin,” Joanna Newsom
Joanna Newsome is Bjork-esque in that one has to be in a specific mood for the music, and has to have the ability to stand the occasionally shrieking vocals. The whole album is four or five lovely rowdy stormy songs accompanied by harp and orchestra.

6. “The Park,” Feist
Oh Feist. She’s feisty.

7. “Yellow Submarine,” The Beatles
As much as I adore The Beatles, I cannot stand this song. I think it was deemed as a kid’s song by the adults because of its lack of drug/sex references, and the amazing coloring book potential of the submarine itself. Therefore I connect it to crayons, elementary school and smelly gym mats. Not a good combination.

8. “Comtine D’un Autre Ete: L’apres Midi,” Amelie Soundtrack
J’adore Amelie and the soundtrack. The music is quite moving and filled with piano, accordions and even some typewriter sounds. The movie itself is such a well filmed love story wrapped in the idiosyncrasies of its characters that even me and my jaded anti-love story self can’t help but adore the crap out of it. I will be Amelie for next Halloween, I’ve decided. I’ll be the one with the spoon and some skipping stones. You’ll be the one with the collections of photo booth pictures. Meet me by the Fox.

9. “By This River,” Brian Eno
What a sweet, sweet song. It fits whatever mood you happen to be in — melancholy, depression, saccharine. I unfortunately don’t know much about Brian Eno, but his biography is something like: eighties guy and still making music, crazy versatile, really good.

10. “Ease,” Hanne Hukkelberg
This is another song which originally came off of Sarah’s compilation CD, yet I love it enough to know the artist and where it came from. This is an amazing song. Find it somewhere and listen to it. It’s cute and funny and there are sounds of water and a bass clarinet and you haven’t heard something like it before.