Style, more style!


This is our last column. We’d like to offer some parting words of advice. That’s really all we have time for. We might reiterate things we’ve already said in past columns, but this is because these things are our favorite pieces of style wisdom.
EP: I find it best to remember a few key things. My favorite of these things is the age-old adage (most definitely passed down from the days of togas): When in doubt, add a belt. This is virtually foolproof although I’m sure that we have all had some incidences with belt-outfit discord, but it’s okay. It takes some practice. Also, don’t double-belt — i.e. belt on top of blouse/cardigan + belt holding pants up = NOT okay!
EG: One key word I always like to remember: COLOR. Adding just a little color to my wardrobe, whether through a bright scarf, earrings or colorful shoes, always makes me feel better when I’m having a bad clothing day.
KW: I think my keyword would be “basic.” Sometimes I have the problem where all I can find in my closet are basics, but they are still a good way to go. Black tops, white tops, simple cardigans and sweaters, great dark-wash jeans, black flats. These are all things that I feel everyone needs because they are incredibly versatile pieces that can be worn year round, with the proper layering, of course. Basics allow for the addition of statement jewelry and statement clothing that work around really simple pieces. You can also get variations on these basics to make them a little more special, like a white T- shirt with an interesting neckline.
Speaking of accessories (kind of), I have found myself defaulting on scarves a lot lately. The weather has been kind of insane, but even when it was 80 degrees the other day, I still wanted my lightweight scarf, and I noticed that other people seemed to be feeling a similar reluctance to let go of neck wear. “Stuff white people like” — check it out if you haven’t already — is totally correct: I will wear my scarf year round and I’m pretty sure that is okay for everyone.
EG: Yeah, not just white people enjoy scarves year round — we Hispanic gals like them too!
AA: I agree with all of you. Combinations of the things we’ve said so far are also great-like the idea of basics in different colors. EP’s belt comment can be taken into a larger sense too, because you shouldn’t just buy basics; slip on a cute cap-sleeve jacket and a pair of skinny jeans with that white tee and you have a fabulous little outfit. Spice up basic black with a denim coat and a colorful scarf, and there’s another great ensemble. It’s all about knowing when to branch out and when to go basic. My advice on how to know when is this: If you love it (and, okay, can afford it), buy it!
EP: Maybe this is as good a moment as any to slip in a quick response to some of our recent critics: you may notice that our style advice is very simple. Well, yes this is the point of style — have you ever seen an entire episode of “What Not to Wear”?
Stacy and Clinton offer the exact same kind of advice that we do, and they are two fab and chic New Yorkers. We are offering some fashion advice for real people who, like us, do not live in a place or time in which haute couture or even ready-to-wear lines by designers like Marc Jacobs aren’t readily available or in any way practical (i.e. College).
We are writing advice for people who are not necessarily independently wealthy, who shop at the mall and the thrift stores and online, who need to get dressed in a hurry sometimes, etc. Again, Stacy and Clinton send their fashion reformed to places like Esprit, Ann Taylor, H & M, you know, fashionable but not break-the-bank places.
But, our desired audience, if they are anything at all like us, which I would venture to say they are, somewhere deep down, like to feel confident in themselves and enjoy getting dressed. Thus, we offer simple advice like “basic” and “colors” and get our “style more style” from places like Forever 21 and Target, TYVM.
EG: I agree. It might also be worth adding — especially with summer only a few weeks away — that dressing for your body type is not actually as difficult as it might seem. I’m always a little torn in warmer weather because I love all of the summery tops and dresses, but I am a little busty and this often makes shopping a bit challenging. However, tops and undergarments with support, and even sometimes light layers, always make summer-wear easier. As always, you just have to work with what you have.
EP: My very last piece of advice is this: never buy anything at full price if you can possibly avoid it. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to go around only buying things at their full prices, when all shopping venues have great sales at some point or another. You just have to rummage through the clearance racks, or look around for always-obvious signs declaring some discount or another. A good trick is to sign up for e-mails from your favorite places to shop. Then you’ll know when the good deals are going on. I literally — not even kidding — own almost an entire wardrobe — shoes included — that was purchased at less then the full price. It is possible!
Well, there you have it: closing words to remember. Thanks for reading, if you have, and thanks for enjoying, if you have. We’ve appreciated being able to write about what we like; we will always remember the Lawrentian as our first media home in what for us columnists will hopefully be a lengthy string of them.