The Good Life: Can it be yours?

Nora Taylor

As we leave Lawrence for a summer of fun, I thought that I should dispense some of my favorite words of wisdom from my favorite wise person, Kanye West.
For those of you who haven’t discovered his self-help mini-book “Thank You and You’re Welcome,” I will share with you some of the most pertinent and helpful tidbits. After all, who better to lead the self-improvement charge than a man who has thrown more public temper tantrums than Naomi Campbell, John McEnroe and Hillary Clinton combined?
In the introduction, West states that he wants to give back to the community, particularly the community that chooses not “to read super long novels all the time.”
This book is designed to inspire people to live more like Mr. West. It is the key to giving you the confidence and inner strength that you need for some personal strength.
Kanye wants you to know that self-esteem and success can be achieved through a few simple changes in your mindset. Throwing some D’s on could be helpful as well, but that’s neither here nor there.
Advice nugget number one: “Think it, Say it, Do it.” Announce to the world what you plan to do, no matter how astronomical. This will pressure you into pulling through so that you don’t look like a punk. If you do manage to make good on your own braggadocio, you can rub it in the faces of those who doubted your proclamation of greatness. He says that you can go ahead and just “think it and do it,” but where’s the fun in that. He does draw the line stating; “Now if you can’t even think it, then you shouldn’t be reading this book!” Or this article for that matter.
Nugget two: “Love your haters … they’re your biggest fans!” Aside from the obviously delightful use of the exclamation point, I’m a little confused on this one. I’ve often seen shirts sporting taglines like “I heart haters” or ” Haters love me.” I get the first part but why are they your biggest fans? I think it is implied that haters are watching every move, documenting your ever word, just waiting for you to mess up. Sounds like haters are in fact stalkers and creeps. It is true that we shouldn’t let naysayers get you down. So go ahead wear that Speedo, dance with your elbows at the Roots concert, do what you feel and simply say to yourself “I would rather be HATED for who I am, than LOVED for who I’m not.”
Nugget three: “Believe in your FLYNESS … conquer you shyness.” I don’t care what the fashion column says, flyness is the must-have accessory for this summer.
Disclaimer — Lawrence fly may not cut it compared to real world fly. Step your game up.
I think we all owe Kanye West a resounding thank you — and you’re welcome — for arming us with all the tools we could possibly need for a wonderful summer.
And if you find yourself doubting, just remember that there’s a thousand yous and only one of Kanye. So he is right, always right. Last but not least I leave you with this: “Be leery of the free gift bag!”
That, and George Bush doesn’t care about black people.