Top ten things no college student should live without

Katy Hillbo

After three years of Lawrence experience, two of our editors have created their top 10 lists of college survival items. While they could only agree upon one item -check out number eight on each list-they each present items that you are bound to need at some point during your first year, perhaps even your first week.1. Electric fan — If you are living anywhere other than Hiett (which is probably the case if you are a freshman), a fan is indispensable. Even when temperatures outside dip to inhumane levels and you start worrying about losing limbs to frostbite, the dorms will still be sweltering. Window fans are pretty effective, though not such a good idea in winter (or when it is raining).

2. Power strip — Trust me, you will have a lot of crap to plug in.

3. Shower shoes/flip flops — So, I guess you could brave the communal showers barefoot. You could also sport some weird college fungus to go with those new shoes. Your choice.

4. First aid kit/pack of band-aids — You may never use this one, but there will always be that one random butter knife injury to prove you wrong. Also, Lawrentians tend to get a lot of paper cuts.

5. Extra lighting — Lighting will help your dorm room feel less cave-like and can hold you over until Physical Plant finally gets around to changing your bulb in the case of a dead light. Desk lamps are good if you like extra light while studying, and clip lamps are convenient for late-night reading and are a good way to have some light without disturbing your roommate. Take extra note of this Sage residents: You will have already noticed that you have no overhead lighting, and that floor lamp they provide is neither bright nor pretty.

6. Sleep mask (to block out light) — So maybe they look a little silly, but you will be glad you have a mask the next time your roommate decides to pull an all-nighter. If you are sensitive to noise, earplugs can protect you.

7. Coffee, soda, caffeinated tea — For the next time you decide to pull an all-nighter and you forget to run to the grill before close (Do not forget to watch the sunrise – it is the only good part). Chewing gum apparently also helps you stay awake.

8. Laundry bin/bag — For those times that you run out of money/Viking Gold credit and have to lug your laundry home. They are also handy for packing. If you happen to find a collapsible canvas laundry bin with wheels, BUY IT. Seriously, that is like striking gold.

9. Headphones — If you like to listen to music on your computer, these can help prevent unnecessary roommate drama.

10. Alarm clock — Do I really need to tell you? Perhaps you forgot. Make sure it has an alarm that will actually wake you up, but also be considerate of your roommate and do not pick one with an alarm that resembles a foghorn if you can make do with something less.