Tricks of the trade

Lawrentian Staff

After a few years at Lawrence, you are bound to pick up some of the trade secrets to making life run more smoothly. The Lawrentian staff will get you started.Find

A fast way to search for students, faculty and staff is using the online directory on the Lawrence homepage. Find, as it is officially known, can give you full names and campus e-mail addresses. You may also login to see students’ cell phone numbers (if they have chosen to post them), as well as campus and home addresses.

Hall Council

Each residence hall has its own hall council that is responsible for setting certain policies and, most importantly, spending money. Each hall council gets a couple thousand dollars to spend for the year. However, in order for this money — which comes from your tuition, by the way — to do you any good, you need to A) join hall council, which means you get to vote on decisions to buy proposed items or B) go to hall council meetings even if you are not on the actual council. By attending meetings, you can at least propose and debate ideas, but you cannot vote on the final decisions. This still gives you plenty of power.


The Lawrence University Community Council is our student government, and it has the power to change many things that affect our daily lives on campus. If you are interested in getting in on some of this power, you can become a hall representative or join a committee. You can get information on these positions at your all-hall meeting, at the activities fair, or by e-mailing LUCC at


Need a toothbrush, pen, batteries, shampoo or cough drops? Stop into Union Station, across from the information desk at the Memorial Union. This great store also has Lawrence clothing, notebooks, folders and water bottles.

Staples (food)

There is a brand-new store just a few blocks downtown called Live Oak Market. They have lots of organic and healthy foods, along with a vast selection of beverages. A little further down, you will find Kindred Spirits Organics, an organic food and flower shop with much to offer. Jacob’s Meat Market is a small neighborhood grocery store four blocks north of College Avenue on the corner of Lawe and Packard. In addition, Walgreen’s is a mile from campus, a nice walk through the downtown.

Appleton Public Library

Despite Lawrentians’ natural drive towards “high-brow” literature, music and movies, sometimes one would rather recline with the next New York Times bestseller or a John Carpenter film. For that there is the Appleton Public Library, a resource too often overlooked by the average Lawrentian. The APL contains an unbelievable array of movies, music and books guaranteed to satisfy all interests.


E-mails tend to build up quickly, especially from Facebook updates. To have as much space available in your campus inbox as possible, make sure to delete the trash in your “trash can.” Also, there are currently two Webmail screen layouts for you to choose from when you login — Lookout and Legacy.

Nurse Susan

A not-so-secret trade secret is our health services. You will come to appreciate being able to run over to the health center, connected to Colman Hall, for any minor or major health concerns you may have. Freshmen, do not be alarmed when you hear upperclassmen refer to Nurse Susan as Nurse Carol. Carol Saunders retired just last spring, and we may have trouble letting go of that name.

Discussion Forums

Last spring, students and faculty took part in an open forum to discuss some issues regarding the student/administrator relationship that had previously gone untouched. The forum was the first of its kind for a very long while here at Lawrence but now has the potential to become a regular occurrence on campus. While last spring’s forum was sponsored by the faculty, specifically our Dean of Students Nancy Truesdell, the point was made clear during the forum that any student can call a forum at any time if they feel the need to discuss a campus issue. Dean Truesdell is also available by appointment for one-on-one discussion of any concerns you may have throughout the year. Simply check out the Dean of Students Office page on the Lawrence Web site for details.