Something old, something new

Doris Kim

The Symphonic Band will perform its second concert this year on Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. The program is expected to be extremely varied and is intended to challenge the audience. The program includes five works, with several of them written by composers who are not very well known.
The program begins with a work from a Japanese composer: Mamiya’s “Glory of Catalonia.” It is a stylish and attractive march, colored by unusual phrasing and harmony.
One work in the concert, by Verdi, is universally known and appreciated, and many will be pleased to see it is included in the repertoire. “Overture II Vespri Siciliani” is an operatic overture from one of Verdi’s earlier works. Admiration for this piece stems from its technically impressive woodwind passages, strong and robust brass sections, and the flowing and memorable lyrical melodies.
Another collectively respected composer, J.S. Bach, has had many of his works transcribed for new instruments and ensembles. The third work in the program is an example of this -Bach’s “Fantasia in G.” This arrangement is an adaptation from one of Bach’s organ works.
“Dances from Crete” is a work by Adam Gorb, a British composer. This piece was composed in tribute to a young man who had a tragic, accidental death while mountain climbing. It is also influenced by several Greek folk songs, which can be seen in the challenging rhythms and thin textures. This piece especially requires constant attention from each player, and is expected to be the most difficult in the program.
Grainger’s “Irish Tune from County Derry and Shepherd’s Hey” is a classic Irish tune that will conclude the concert. Jay Ellsmore will appear as a student conductor to conduct this piece. Andrew Mast, the Symphonic Band conductor, hopes to have this be a trend in future concerts.
While this is only the Symphonic Band’s second concert, Mast has full confidence in a successful program. When asked of the students’ progress this year, Mast replied, “fantastic – they have worked extremely hard for this concert and we are all ready to perform!