Lawrence welcomes Suzie Muenster

April West

This year students will see a new face in the health center: Susie Muenster, taking over for the memorable Nurse Carol. Susie Muenster is from Waupaca, Wis., which is 30 miles west of Appleton, and she commutes daily to Lawrence.
She is married with three grown children, the eldest being the Sage Resident Hall Director Sarah Muenster. Susie Muenster applied to Lawrence after she saw an ad for the nurse position and made a joke to her daughter that she was going to apply.
“I was teasing my daughter and it backfired on me,” Susie Muenster joked.
Her other two children are currently in school at St. Norbert. Her husband is also a nurse at the Wisconsin veterans’ home in King, Wis. She has an extensive medical nursing background working in geriatrics, obstetrics and medical surgery.
“This is a very new and fun age group for me to work with,” said Susie Muenster of the Lawrence population.
As far as changes to the Health Center go, Susie Muenster would like to push the herbal sides of medicine and do some educational programs.
She has already ordered many new pamphlets and hopes to get vitamin C drops for the newly arranged lobby.
“My main goal is for students who need to take a day off, to take it when they need it,” she said. “I know many students’ schedules are very busy but I don’t want them to sacrifice their health.”
Thus far, Susie Muenster seems to have made herself at home in the Health Center.
“I really enjoy all the counselors and doctors here and I love working at Lawrence,” she said. “It’s a good fit for me and I hope everyone will agree.