Review of College Dating Show Pilot

To The Editor in Chief-

My name is Alan Danzis and I’m the Executive Producer of a new television show pilot called Fate Date. I’ve send you a number of e-mails telling you about the show (so, if you were on Spring Break, I hope you had a wonderful time!)

In case you’ve forgotten – or never received my original e-mails – the show started as a last minute addition to a struggling college television lineup at Loyola College in 2002. Along with a director and creator named BJ Barretta, and host and head writer named Joe Salvati, myself and two people who would soon become among my best friends, put together a blind date show starring two real life Loyola college students.

Once outside of school, we worked ourselves into the world, but still desired to return to the world of Fate Date. So now, with the vigorous support though, not financial, of a new college television network called The U Network (, we are producing a pilot for a new season of Fate Date.

I was wondering if you might be interested in reviewing a copy of the pilot for your paper. A number of other college papers such as The Auburn Plainsman (link), The Miami Hurricane (link), Towerlight (link) and DePaulia (link) have already done stories on us, but we’re interested in what people actually think of the pilot (not just the concept).

So, if you’re interested, just drop me a line with your address. Or give me a call. I’d love to send you a free copy.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to talk to you soon about Fate Date,


— Alan

Alan M. Danzis

Executive Producer – “Fate Date”

(908) 209-9940

“Educating in Blind Dating” Since 2002