What’s true in sports

Matt Hoh

Sports Trivia
1. T or F: Russia, Great Brittan and Germany came in third, fourth and fifth respectfully in the medal count for the 2008 summer Olympics.
2. T or F: Michael Phelps won eight gold medals in the 2008 summer Olympics, and set world records in six of the eight events.
3. T or F: Spain put up a good fight against the U.S. men’s basketball team, in which they had the youngest player, Ricky Rubio, to win a medal in the Olympics.
4. T or F: China managed to produce twice as many gold medals as silver and bronze combined.
5. T or F: The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver.Answers:
1. True. The number of medals: U.S. 110, China 100, Russia 72, Great Brittan 47 and Germany 41.
2. False. Michael Phelps set seven world records. The only event in which he did not set a world record was the 100m Butterfly.
3. True. Ricky Rubio is now the youngest Olympic Men’s Basketball medalist. He had six points and six rebounds in the gold medal game against the U.S.
4. False. China finished the Olympics with 51 gold medals, more than the 21 silver and 28 bronze medals, but not twice as many. However, China was the only country to have more Gold than silver and bronze together in the top 5 countries.
5. True. The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver starting Feb.12, 2010.