LUCC Discusses Student Groups, Incense

Audrey Hull

The LUCC meeting on Tuesday focused on financial business, residence life issues, and membership concerns.
Regarding finances, the first order of business involved the women’s hockey team and their funding request for ice rink rentals as well as new goalie equipment. According to the finance committee, the latter was denied on the grounds that it did not further the purposes of a Lawrence University student organization. Funding for ice time was granted, with the implicit understanding that any extra money would be put to use for the needed equipment.
Secondly, the request from the Con Artists for funding for a web domain was brought up. As free Lawrence student web domains are available, this request was denied. It should be noted that the Con Artists will be performing in Riverview this Saturday at 5 p.m. with new members.
Regarding residence life, representatives from the residence life and student welfare committees brought up the issue of incense and its use within on-campus housing. This debate lasted for several minutes, during which time the related question of smoking was also discussed. Dean Truesdell pointed out that to have LUCC decide the solution would be overstepping its bounds. LUCC tentatively decided to allow the respective hall councils to prepare their own legislation regarding incense use. LUCC also concluded that, should concerns about incense during the course of the term, the hall council and not LUCC should resolve the concern.
Smoking was mentioned only in its relation to incense burning. Both the students and faculty members involved in the meeting agreed that to let the school administration settle the smoking issue would weaken the legitimacy of LUCC.
Another concern involved the expansion of the multicultural committee. Representatives from this committee noted that one student who applied for a position was given an incorrect meeting time, and requested correct information for future applicants. Representatives discussed the addition of members as well as faculty acting ex officio in order to strengthen the committee and to further its purpose.
All in all, the meeting was productive. Several LUCC representatives took an active part in debates and discussions. It will be interesting to see what changes arise with the accretion of Peter Snyder and Chris Bowman, president and vice president, respectively, of LUCC.