What’s a Provost?- koe -jcr -dlh

Katharine Enoch

Lawrence is currently searching for a new dean of faculty. But with a new person comes a new title. The new dean of faculty will instead be given the title “provost” *******– a common title for the job at other academic institutions.
The change in title is to distinguish the position from other deans within the Lawrence community. The change is to “clarify the line of authority,” explained Paul Cohen, Lawrence professor and chair of the search committee. The provost is “just a chief academic officer … the number two academic person after President Beck,” said Cohen. “When Jill Beck is off-campus, they will be in charge.”
Lawrence seeks a candidate with “serious administrative experience elsewhere,” according to Cohen, someone who has had experience as a dean or “in charge of a budget.”
The candidate should also reflect the educational values of the institution, faculty, and students. “Lawrence is a liberal arts college and we want someone who is a liberal arts person. We want someone whose values are ours…and someone who can count,” said Cohen.
The search committee consists of seven members, mostly faculty. Three candidates will be visiting during February and each will give a public talk in Riverview. The search committee hopes to have an offer by the end of February to fill the position starting this summer.