Fall in love with LUVV

JingLin Huang

Have you seen the little notices posted in the bathroom stalls?
“Think before you beef!”
“Go Veggies!”
“Make a difference … Go Veg!”
A new club called Lawrence University Vegans and Vegetarians has formed on campus, and it is not just for vegetarians and vegans.
“We have non-vegetarians who come to our meetings, and they learn that there are also other ways to prevent cruelty to animals,” said Dominique Gougis, a founding member of the club. “For example, one can choose not to buy products that are tested on animals. One can also choose not to wear clothes made of fur or leather. LUVV is not just for vegetarians and vegans.”
Sue Spang, a meat-eater who has attended meetings in the past, declined to comment for this story.
Since its official registration as a club, LUVV has been active in reaching out to the student population. Last week, LUVV tabled at Downer and distributed vegetarian starter kits. These starter kits contain nutritional information about the vegetarian diet and delicious recipes to try.
Besides educating students about food choices, LUVV is also keen to encourage interaction among vegans and vegetarians. The club is organizing a potluck this Sunday at 4 p.m. in the Ormsby Lounge, and all are welcome to stop by for an afternoon of good food and company.
For all the vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters out there, eating more vegetables is also healthier in the long run. Ever since Chef Bob Wall joined food services, he has tried to incorporate more fresh vegetables, and to use fresh – not processed – ingredients in the cooking. Moreover, he has put more vegetarian and vegan options on the main lines at Downer, so that everyone can benefit from the wider choice of food available.
Wall said, “We want to have vegetarian food that everyone would like.” He also said that there are plans to start a new program where the vegans can have specially prepared vegan foods on the side, which they can then reheat when they need to.
“We would like to thank food services for keeping the lines of communication open, and being very open to ideas and suggestions,” said Kristin Tamayo, also a founding member of LUVV.
In line with this healthy approach to eating, the club is also screening the documentary “Super Size Me” by director-guinea pig Morgan Spurlock on Friday, Feb. 18 at the Wriston Auditorium. He records his experience of living on only fast food for a month, as he travels across the country interviewing people about the expanding girths of Americans, and presenting the kinds of physiological changes he undergoes as a result of his diet.
LUVV meets in the Ormsby Lounge every Tuesday at 9.30 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact Dominique Gougis at gougisd@lawrence.edu.