The Lawrentian regrets the error

-In April 1, 2002 issue of The Lawrenthian incorrectly reported that President Richard Warch had rejoined the rap collective Run DMC. It was, alas, 2 Live Crew from whence he came.-I am not retiring until next year.

-Last May, we identified a woman with Warch as Margot Warch, during the groundbreaking for the new Residence Hall. We just sort of assumed.

-Throughout the course of a newspaper, it occasionally seems easier to misquote, or shape quotes to the contours, sometimes fallible, of memory. On some of these occasions, the person being quoted takes umbrage at the adjustment made for coherence or editorial bias. On the ocassions where umbrage was taken, we regret the errors and say that it was accidental.

-Three entire iterations of the *This week at Lawrence* column were printed in a somewhat incideniary, fundamentalist Arabic translation. But you don’t read that, so it’s alright.

-The Sports pages during the last year were supposedly written by an “Andy York.” “Andy York” is the name of a computer template into which we enter scores and names, under the headline “Vikings lose, but season looking good.”

-All Staff Editorials during the past year were published without a byline. This confused some of our feminist readers. We apologize.

-Finally, The Lawrentian masthead inadvertantly omitted our longstanding policy that each editorial, and most pieces, ought to be adjusted to fit a strict Objectivist worldview. Furthermore, some of our articles, during the past year, let some liberalism creep in. We regret the error.