Letter to the Editor

LUCC appreciates the concerns addressed by the Lawrentian staff this past week. We concur with the staff editorial’s message concerning effective student government: “student government cannot be representative of the students unless it seeks to engage with them.” The purpose of LUCC is to serve student needs and we attempt to provide as many opportunities to engage with students as possible.
A few examples of the ways we offer the ability for students to interact with us are General Council meetings – which are open to all members of the Lawrence community – and student appointments to committees as well as offering office hours which are published on the LUCC website for individuals to interact one-on-one with members of the cabinet.
Students can also interact with LUCC by running for positions on the council, including the executive elections, the general election and any special election for vacancies on the council. If students want to be involved directly in LUCC or offer any sort of community concern, we encourage them to contact us because we are charged to serve the needs of students and genuinely want to help.
We recognize that an uncontested election was not desirable and it came as a huge surprise given that 16 applications were taken from our office. Despite only two applications being returned, we have full confidence in Johnathan R. Vanko and Carl Byers succeeding us in office. Applications for the future cabinet are available at residence hall desks as well as outside the LUCC office. They are due Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. This is a great way for students to take an active role in the Lawrence community through engagement with LUCC. -Andrew King ’11,
LUCC President

-Ellie Crean ’11,
LUCC Vice President