The ultimate mixtape

Brad Lindert

Over spring break I was lucky enough to go down to Georgia and play Ultimate Frisbee. Getting to Georgia required us to drive 24 hours, which we decided to drive in one installment. This long journey in a caravan of three vans and one car allowed all of us to hear tons of music, whether the music was from an mp3 player, a mix CD, a proper album, or even from a video game.

Now, I definitely heard a lot of music over break, but a few songs stick out in my mind as I write this. What follows is a list of the songs and albums that I remember (doesn’t it seem like I can’t avoid just making a list lately? Ah, well, you’ll read it anyway, right?)

The theme to Rocky

Peter G. put it upon himself to make the perfect frisbee inspirational CD, and this song was one of the first ones on the CD. On the way to our first day of play we definitely turned this way up as we arrived at the field.

The theme to The Mighty Ducks

Another song from the Peter frisbee CD. For this one, he and Al actually planned out the actions that would correspond with the music: “As the music swells, that is when we arrive on the field. Right here: that’s when we look over to the other team and there is quiet respect shown between the two teams… Oh, here we are down, but wait-we start a rally-a quick point there! Oh, another one! Oh, the flying ‘V’…” Wait, that last one was actually from the movie.

The original Broadway cast recording of Rent

This is my favorite musical of all time, and I was happy that we got to listen to it twice on the way there and back home. The amazing thing is that I never brought my copy. People just kept requesting that their CD should be put on and it would just happen to be Rent.

They Might Be Giants: “Apollo 18”

There is nothing like waking up in the Smokey Mountains during sunrise. TMBG was the background music to this beautiful scene. Well, actually, the background music was TMBG with Andrew singing along to it.


Okay, I really don’t like techno unless I am at a club. And guess what? I am never at a club and I most likely will never be at a club so I will never like techno. But on the way down Willis put on some techno, so I went along with it. And, you know, techno is good background music while reading essays by W.B. Yeats. No, it seriously is nice; it makes the reading move along.

“Trogdor” theme

The beautiful thing about Ultimate is at the end of the game the teams cheer for one another (unless they are a bunch of jerks). Well, one game we played was against Drexel, whose team mascot is a dragon. Our team, having vast knowledge of, decided to take the Trogdor dragon theme and sing it to them.

We thought we were hilarious and really smart until we asked them if they knew about homestarrunner. Only two of them did. Not only were these guys uneducated, but they were jerks too. But in the spirit of the game we stilled cheered them: “Drexel was a team/ or maybe they were a bunch of dragons/ or maybe they were a dragon team, Drexel!”

We laughed about it and we sang it the entire rest of the trip. We especially laughed about Van’s guitar solo.