An apology

To the members of the Lawrence community,Simply, the conduct as seen on Bid Day, Jan. 17, 2004 by members of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity is not emblematic of what we deem acceptable behavior. Delta Tau Delta is a value-driven fraternity, in which integrity is essential and accountability is fundamental to all commitments.

On behalf of all of members of Delta Tau Delta, Delta Nu chapter, we would like to apologize to inhabitants of the residence halls, Residence Hall Directors, Residence Life Managers and any other pedestrians who encountered our rude and obnoxious behavior. We are sorry. All parties involved in the unfortunate and regretful behavior are being dealt with in a just manner by our own Honor Board. Please accept our apologies, and if you have any questions or comments direct them to Jeffrey Henderson, x7184, or email

Jeffrey Henderson,
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
(and undersigned by 21 other Delta Tau Delta members)