Dining for Dummies

Katharine Enoch

The Melting Pot
2295 W. College Ave.
Appleton, WI
(920) 739-3533Lean in close to your “honey” over a boiling pot of oil. This restaurant will inspire you to feed each other chocolate dipped strawberries in public, as well.

Black and Tan Grille
215 S. Memorial Dr.
(920) 832-4745

Appleton’s newest classic contemporary American restaurant features handcut choice steaks, fresh fish, and pasta, accompanied by an extensive wine list. The atmosphere is perfect for a casual, intimate evening with your “sweetie.”
Accepts reservations

503 W. College Ave.
Appleton, WI
(920) 730-9595
The schmaltzy Italian atmosphere might actually be bearable for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Order something that you and your “cutie-pie” can share.

207 N. Appleton St.
Appleton, WI
(920) 739-1122

“Food as the Gods intended,” is what they claim. Although classy, the low-lit dining room encourages some playful under-the-table footsie between you and your “darling.”

511 W. College Ave.
(920) 882-4183
511 W College Ave

For an exciting Valentine’s Day diner, take your “significant other” out for some flaming hibachi grill or some interesting sushi. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Something Sweet
411 W. College Ave.
(920) 380-9710
To finish off the evening, walk your “lovie-dovie” down to Something Sweet for a delicious dessert. You’ll know it’s love when he/she gives you the last bite of the tiramisu.