I got my name from rock and roll

Brad Lindert

Okay, I think we all know that the Grammy’s are a sham and really don’t tell the world who did the best in music. I will repick the major categories. And I will try to stick to the actual nominees, but sometimes you just can’t fake enthusiasm for an artist that you don’t like.Best New Artist: They picked Evanescence. I will pick Fountains of Wayne, even if they have been in the business since 1996. Yeah, just goes to show how the Grammy committee doesn’t seem to care that a band that has been around for eight years can be the best new thing.

Record of the Year: They picked Coldplay’s “Clocks” from A Rush of Blood to the Head. Okay this is tough, but I will go with OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” I love “Clocks.” It is one of the best rock songs in a long time. But come on, “Hey Ya!” is the catchiest song since “My Sharona.”

Album of the Year: They picked Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by OutKast. Yeah, I’ll go for that. It is a lot better than The White Stripes. And Missy Elliott’s new album is not my favorite of hers.

Song of the Year: They picked “Dance with My Father” from Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross. Sorry Luther, it is a nice song and it is sad to hear what you have gone through, but the song isn’t as good as Warren Zevon’s “Keep Me in Your Heart.” That is a heart-tearing song if there ever was one. I am surprised that “Hey Ya!” wasn’t nominated for this.

Best Alternative Music Album: They picked Elephant by The White Stripes. Sorry, they suck, plain and simple. Winner is naturally Sigur Ros’ (). And if not that, then Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief should have won. Anything but those candy-striped people.

Best Rock Album: They picked One By One Foo Fighters. Seriously? You’re kidding right? You know how I feel about Grohl. This is a joke and so is the entire category. The Grammy’s should be ashamed for even having a category full of: Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Evanesence, Nickelback, and Matchbox 20. Trust me, Matchbox 20 wins by default. I liked a few songs from their album, but still.

Best Pop Vocal Album: They picked Justified by Justin Timberlake. I have yet to hear this album, but man, you got to admit that he is a gifted man. He did his thing on this album and he won me over. “Cry Me a River” is one of the best songs out there on top 40 radio.

Wait a minute… There, I caught my breath. With that out of my system, next week I should be back to my old praising self.