LUCC discusses parking, housing, administration lunches

Aidan Clark

The Lawrence University Community Council announced at Tuesday’s meeting that there has been a change proposed for LUCC parking legislation. This change now asks that students wanting a parking space register their cars. It was also proposed that parking space be set aside for the freshman, sophomore and junior classes each. Some hope that this will give students the incentive to register their cars, as it is required to be registered to participate in the parking lottery. LUCC representatives will take this idea to their constituents and it will be further discussed in later meetings.

In other business, lottery numbers for housing selection will be available on the housing selection website starting April 16. It has yet to be decided if the lottery numbers will be posted outside the Viking Room on or shortly after that date, if they are posted.

A proposal was put forth, asking that an Environmental Management System be put into practice at Lawrence University. The EMS would help to evaluate the university’s resources and make the usage of them more efficient. It would also allow students and faculty members to be familiar with the prioritization of Physical Plant.

A proposal for new a bylaw change was made concerning some of the student groups that now function as LUCC subcommittees.

It was presented that SOUP, the WLFM Advisory Board, BACCHUS and the Committee for Multicultural Affairs be removed from under LUCC and be recognized as student groups. No decision has yet been made concerning the proposed changes, but may be discussed further.

Dean of Students Nancy Truesdell, announced that there will be a table in a dining area on campus for discussions between students and administrators to address student concerns. Announcements will follow pertaining to the time and location of the discussion tables, as the times and places will vary.

LUCC President Jacques Hacquebord also announced that he is looking into setting up a committee that will communicate more directly with the conservatory.