Students react to compromise

Jonathan Isaacson

Students and administrators came to a compromise regarding the senior class dinner and party.Student reaction to the most recent changes has been largely positive.

Steve Tie Shue, a member of the committee that met with administrators said, “I’m satisfied with the resolution. It seemed like everyone was working towards a common goal, a successful event.”

Commenting on the student opinion that was voiced after the decision was made, Tie Shue said that he felt that these new changes are a step in the right direction.

The move to the new venue for the dinner will allow for more faculty members to attend the event, which had been held in Lucinda’s, the Colman Hall dinning room.

“It’s nice because there’s more room for faculty, and that’s always a good thing,,” Alex Wille, a senior, commented, noting that with the old system of inviting faculty, professors from smaller departments were at a disadvantage in the selection process, a student vote.

Davis Oldham also approved of the changes overall, noting that his chief concern was the safety of the event.

He commented that as long as the event was safe, “I think this is an okay way to keep [the tradition] going.”

Several students who had worked at the event in previous years serving dinner for the seniors commented that they were disappointed in the behavior of the students at the dinner last year, and noted that something different had to be done.

Anahita Pajuhesh, one of the students working the event for catering last year said, “The behavior of a few [students]…embarrassed me, and I was just serving them.”

Stephen Henry, who also worked at the event, echoed Pajuhesh’s sentiments, saying, “Last year’s class pushed it over the edge.”

Not all students were happy with the changes.

Phred Beattie, a fifth year student, expressed his disappointment in the changes.

“It’s funny that administration needs to hold our hand through the end [of senior year],” he said.”It just proves the point that Lawrence is $30,000-a-year daycare.