Better them than us

Fresh meat

A man is recovering this week after his girlfriend bit off a chunk of his chin.
Brittany Thompson was hanging out at the house of her boyfriend, Nathan Powell. According to a police report, the two were hanging out at a friend’s house early Sunday morning.
After accusing Powell of cheating on her, Thompson hit Powell in the face, then picked up a 2-by-4 and tried to hit him with that.
Powell grabbed Thompson and as he held her against a wall, she leaned forward and took a bite of skin out of his chin, which an officer found nearby on the ground.
Thompson told police she hadn’t been taking her anger medicine, and that she doesn’t remember what happened after she hit Powell in the face.
Prosecutors charged Thompson with aggravated battery Monday afternoon. She remains in jail.
According to Powell’s brother, doctors could not sew the patch of skin back on Powell’s face, and he will probably never grow hair there again.

Not so fresh meat

Foster parents of a 13-year-old girl have been charged with forcing their foster daughter to take meals to an elderly relative’s room for several weeks even though they knew the man had died.
Police were called to the house in August and an autopsy determined that the 82-year-old man had been dead for several weeks in the room where the girl was sent every day with food.
“They both knew the grandfather had passed away and was rotting to the point where the house reeked of death,” one official said.
The decaying remains were found Aug. 28.
The 13-year-old and two other foster children, ages 11 and 4, were immediately removed from the house by the state Division of Youth and Family Services.

Speaking of rotting flesh…

A 72-year-old man apparently did not notice that his 75-year-old older brother was dead for about 18 months in a room of the mobile home they shared.
72-year-old Herbert called police to tell them of the “sudden death” of his brother George. When police arrived they found a skeleton.
What was left of the body was found in his bedroom just off the living room of the single floor property.
Officers are looking into why Herbert had not noticed for 18 months that his brother was dead.