Dems host tax speaker

Katharine Enoch

Robert Burrows, the Professor Emeritus of English at UW Whitewater, will be delivering a lecture titled “The Foundation Stones of American Democracy” which will focus on the “effect of the Bush tax cuts on youth and the greater fabric of society,” according to LU College Dems’ VP of Programming Kass Kuehl. Burrows’ lecture will additionally cover the burden that the deficit places on our generation.In addition to his position at UW Whitewater, Burrows has also taught throughout the country in states including Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Alaska, and Oklahoma; as a Fulbright Professor in South Korea; and has done additional teaching in Austria and Australia. The main focus of his research has been on contemporary American society. Burrows has been graced with several prominent teaching awards from UW Whitewater including the UW system’s Regents Award for excellence in teaching.

Professor George Claghorn of West Chester State University has acclaimed Burrows’ recent novel The Great American Parade, published in 2002, as “A masterpiece of satire”.

The lecture is being sponsored by the LU College Democrats who feel that “the issue of political economics is vastly ignored by our generation,” according to Kuehl. She went on to opine, ” We need to recognize what effects the Bush tax cuts are having on our present and our future.”

The lecture will be held in Main Hall on Feb. 9 at 8:30. Other College Dems activities surrounding the event include the Appleton Mayoral Primary Forum to be held in Riverview on Feb. 10 at 8 pm, the voter registration drive, and their primary voter push for the 17th.