Staff Ed: Year-End Notes

The Lawrentian finishes this year not free from controversy. We began the year by exposing an email trace conducted by then-LU employee Andrea Powers with regard to senior streak. Students took the matter seriously, and LUCC and the Student Welfare committee – and doubtless not a few faculty and administrative bodies – began work to clarify the ethics of email tracing. While the results of these deliberations are not fully known, student awareness of the benefits and dangers of technology has risen substantially. Also not far from memory is the “I Stand with Ann” campaign and its aftermath. Student life was directly affected both by the letter to the editor that kick-started the campaign as well as our subsequent staff editorial justifying its publication.
The year finishes with controversy over the intent of the Lawrence Fellows program. While some faculty and administrators insist that the intent of this program is good, we nevertheless see the benefit from our discussion: by raising awareness of a growing trend in liberal arts colleges, Lawrentians are better able to respond to this issue should it arise as a fundamental change in university policy.
We also left behind one LUCC administration and move forward to the Snyder administration. Thus far, Snyder and his team have performed well, resurrecting the institutional structure responsible for funding student activities and channeling student concerns. While no LUCC administration is beyond the reach of media criticism, we are again optimistic for the success of student government.
Finally, thanks to the readers. We hope that you shared our criticisms, laughed at our satire, and were better informed about your community through our work. We’ll miss you – and we’ll be back.