Smoking halo, MLK Jr. Day revisited at LUCC meeting

Andy Dolan

A special LUCC general council meeting was held Tuesday in order to discuss the “Smoking Halo” legislation and to revisit the issue of observing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on campus. It was also mentioned that Brokaw Hall will no longer be used for student housing, effective next year.Several weeks ago, LUCC voted to recognize MLK Jr. Day on campus by recommending to the faculty committee that no classes be held on that holiday.

The national holiday is observed on the third Monday in January, and would replace Dean’s Day, which is scheduled for the first Monday of eighth week, rather than creating an additional day off of classes.

LUCC President Cole DeLaney wished to discuss the decision further after some faculty members asked if having no class on MLK Jr. Day was the only way to recognize the holiday.

DeLaney asked the council if they felt that other methods, such as ceremonies or events, could constitute sufficient recognition for the holiday, or if having the day off was absolutely necessary.

Some are concerned that having a day off classes during third week rather than eighth week would be less beneficial to students since workloads are generally heavier near the end of the term.

After discussing the new issue, the council came to the consensus that having the day off was the best way to observe the holiday and that the day should replace Dean’s Day despite concerns of academic efficacy. DeLaney said that he would relay this decision to the curriculum board on Thursday.

The proposed “Smoking Halo” legislation was also discussed briefly at the meeting.

The legislation seeks to add the following language to the smoking prohibitions clause of the LU bylaws: “There will be a smoke-free zone of at least 25 feet around the entrances of all smoke-free residences, including Kohler Hall.”

The legislation aims to eliminate smoke around entrances of the residence halls because it reportedly bothers some residents and can be potentially dangerous for those with allergies to cigarette smoke.

The issue will be discussed in greater detail next week when the council will also vote whether to pass the legislation. DeLaney encouraged council members to speak to their constituents during the week to determine student sentiment on the subject.

An important issue regarding student life was also announced at the meeting. Megan Brown, of the residence life committee, announced that Brokaw Hall will not be used for student housing next year.

Dean Nancy Truesdell explained that Brokaw had never been intended for use as long-term housing for students and with the new dorm, it will no longer be necessary.