The Lawrentian endorses Dalsen, Engineer for LUCC Administration

The Lawrentian would like to officially endorse Bill Dalsen as the next president of LUCC. While Joel Rogers passionately articulated a strong vision for the future of LUCC and Lawrence University, we felt that Dalsen’s proposals were more realistic and relevant to actual student concerns. Dalsen expressed the need for updated equipment in dormitories, including new laundry facilities and ergonomic furniture. He also discussed the importance of LUCC’s representation of student voice in future “administrative decrees,” and he ensured that, under his direction, he would re-establish the trust between Lawrentians and the Administration and prevent such “decrees” from occurring in the future. When answering student questions, Dalsen demonstrated realistic forethought and provided practical solutions to amending student concerns.

We also feel that Dalsen’s past experience as the LUCC Parliamentarian places him in the best position to lead LUCC next year. This experience is of critical importance because will bring stability in a year of changes for Lawrence–the greatest of which will be the administration of President Warch’s successor.

The Lawrentian also endorses Tariq Engineer as LUCC’s next vice-president. Although Engineer is the only candidate running for vice-president, we feel that his past experience as LUCC’s treasurer, his intentions to “clean up” LUCC’s finance provisions, and his plans to eliminate the possibility of student group debt place him in an excellent position to become the next vice-president.