New SOUP programming shows promise with big names

Staff Editorial

SOUP has long been the target of gripers across campus. We hope, though, that those who were quick to criticize SOUP will also be the first to thank them for landing Ben Folds for a concert April 8. After a great deal of surveying, SOUP discovered that many students would prefer a “big name” over a bevy of college-circuit folk musicians.

Not wasting time, the Big Event committee set to work under cloak of secrecy and started polling students on their favorite “big event.” The overwhelming choice was Ben Folds, one of the most engaging performers on today’s circuit.

And so, SOUP hitched their wagons and LUCC funding to a star, and managed to land him.

To grab a spot on a multi-platinum artist’s schedule barely two months in advance requires discretion, tenacity, financial commitment, and skilled planning. That Folds comes to LU immediately following tours of Asia and Australia speaks to a major campus-planning coup, for our benefit.

Beyond thanking SOUP, students ought to be vigilant about buying tickets for the Folds concert as soon as they become available. Even if you are not a Folds fan, rest assured the concert will catch your fancy in some sense.

Also, if the student body fails to buy tickets promptly or at all, the event will become merely a mecca for Midwest Folds fans.

To pack the chapel to the rafters with Lawrentians would send a message to SOUP: “Thanks, and keep it up.”

This year, however, SOUP not only brought us Folds but also Lewis Black. Black was a big event in his own right; that our small campus should be lucky enough to receive two big events is a credit to smart planning and hard work.

Appreciate Ben Folds, thank SOUP, and grab your tickets as soon as they become available. It doesn’t get much bigger than him.