Point: Cell phones are for cool people

Mike Lee

When I was taking dinner the other day at the grill, I noticed a lot of people seem to have cell phones. Not only that, but they use them. I mean, it’s not like junior high, when I had a pager but it was only for looks; people actually are making the most of their investment in these handheld icons of popularity.

While I was sitting there, waiting for my food (by myself), I couldn’t help but feel insignificant; it was like nobody wanted to talk to me. I had been observing another girl talking on the phone while she was ordering and then after she had received her food as well.

How much more important could you be? I mean rather than be able to devote her attention to the cashier for a minute, she had to talk to someone on her cell phone. The call was so urgent that it was necessary for her to be rude to the cashier!

This isn’t the only place people are cool either. When I was driving to the store the other day, I saw a man talking on his phone in his car; he had to have been important.

Not only was he dressed in a business suit, but he was in the middle of a very important phone call – so important that he was willing to jeopardize not only his life but the lives of others as he drove down the street.

But what really impressed me was that he could not even pull over and talk on his phone. He had people he had to talk to as well as places he had to go.

Now I have class a lot, and I keep busy, but I am not so important that I need to be talking to someone on the phone in every second of my spare time.

Then again, I don’t have any friends. I do have one friend, Steve Rodriguez. He has a cell phone. He is cool. I rest my case.