The places to be

Reid Stratton

There aren’t many places you can go on foot around Appleton, so those of us not lucky enough to be able to drive daddy’s car have to make do. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top places to visit that are within walking distance from campus.The Thrift Shoppe – Take College Ave. east over the bridge, and turn left onto Walter Ave. This is Appleton’s premiere thrift store, with a decent selection at good prices. A must for the student who needs crystal stemware.

Hunan 1 – Take College Ave. west a couple blocks. This is greasy Chinese food at it’s best – or worst, if you’re not into that. Hunan offers a “Lawrence Special” that, depending on the entre, costs about 5 bucks, and provides enough food for 1.5 meals.

Erbert & Gerbert’s – Take College Ave. west a couple blocks. It’s quick and it’s open late, which is about all that Erb’s ‘n’ Gerb’s can offer the hungry student in need of a sub sandwich. Still, those two qualifications will become very important around exam times.

City Park – Just north of campus, behind the conservatory. A perennial favorite for students who crave green space. This park boasts tennis courts, a fountain, and a playground, so pretty much everyone can be satisfied here.

Walgreens – West on College Ave about nine blocks. It’s about a 20-minute walk, but Walgreen’s is still the closest store that can offer anything resembling a decent selection of wares. Plan your trips carefully, because making this trip five times in four days can be a real drag.

Muncheez Pizza – West on College Ave about eight blocks. Hands down the best pizza in the area, and they’re even open till 3 a.m. Muncheez is a bit pricier than it’s primary LU competition, Papa John’s, but it’s worth every greasy bite. Make sure you order a pizza big enough that it comes with a free order of “muncheez” (bread sticks).

Appleton Public Library – On Washington St. a few blocks northwest of campus. A great source for the many books and recordings that the Mudd may not have. You can also request books from other Wisconsin libraries through the website,

There are, of course, other attractions around the Lawrence campus, but I think you’ll find yourself at one of these seven locations more than any other. Consider yourself warned.