Eight secrets you won’t figure out till your senior year

Reid Stratton

Okay, here’s the scoop. Lawrence does a very good job at orienting its new students and showing those students the ropes in their very first week on campus. Still, a few bits of information slip through the cracks, and for some reason or another many students will graduate without ever discovering a few of the facts and places listed below. Consider yourself educated.Find
One of the most important tools you can use at Lawrence to communicate with your peers, professors, and staff. Just go to http://find.lawrence.edu/, log in with your network username and password, and search. Don’t forget you can search not only by name, but also by campus address, phone number, email address, or department. TIP: if you only need to find an email, you can search without logging in to save time.

One of the biggest problems students will have with their email is finding that their inbox is at full capacity, and can no longer receive emails. The next course of action, naturally, is to delete those emails. Here’s the problem: you must then go to the “Trash Can” and delete those emails. If you don’t, then your account stays full, and will continue to bounce back incoming emails.

There are a ton of cool things you can do with the voice mail system. First things first: the extension for the LU switchboard is 0 or 7000. If you dial this between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. you’ll get a real live person who will connect you to whomever you want. This is even easier than looking someone up in Find. If you dial after hours you can still dial by name. Just dial 0 or 7000, then press 8 when prompted. From there, use the letters on the keypad to dial the last name of the person you’re looking for. The system will then read the options for people with that name or similar names. You choose one and it dials for you. Easy as can be. You can also leave a message for someone without having their phone ring. Just call the switchboard, press 1, and dial their extension. This will connect you directly to their voicemail.

Hall Council
Each residence hall has its own hall council that is responsible for setting certain policies and, most importantly, spending money. Each hall council gets a couple thousand dollars to spend for the year. However, in order for this money – which comes from your tuition, by the way – to do you any good, you need to A) join hall council, which means you get to vote on decisions to buy proposed items or B) go to hall council meetings even if you aren’t on the actual council. You can still propose and debate ideas, you just can’t vote on the final decisions, which still gives you plenty of people.

Jacob’s Market
Need some flour, some sugar, some chips or soda? Is Walgreen’s too far to go? Then Jacob’s Market is the place for you! It’s a small neighborhood grocery store four blocks north of College Ave. on the corner of Lawe and Packard. Jacob’s doesn’t have a great selection or competitive prices, but it’s nearby, which will become much more important in the middle of January.

This Week
Every week Lawrence leaves a schedule of events for the next ten days in each residence hall lobby. This list has pretty much every L.U. event listed and is the best and easiest way to keep yourself updated on the goings-on around Lawrence, yet it sits largely unused.

The Viking Room
Free soda! That’s right, you can go to the Viking Room to study or hang out and they will give you free soda. It’s free!

Color Printers
There is a color printer on the second floor of the library in the ITS office that you can use whenever you need to, free of charge. It’s a much better alternative than using your roommate’s printer when she’s out of the room.

So that’s my list. There are probably many more obscure finds that I missed, but I’m trusting you to add your discoveries and spread the word. Let’s share these secrets!