The Great Midwest Trivia Contest

Reid Stratton

The Great Midwest Trivia Contest: 40 years young. January 27-29. These are the facts about Trivia weekend, but what lies between these facts is what really makes Trivia an unforgettable event.
It works like this: you join a team on-campus, probably the team that will represent the residence hall in which you live. Trivia starts at 10:00:37 p.m. on Friday and ends about 50 hours later. During those 50 hours, questions are asked one after the other over the LU Internet radio. Teams have three minutes to answer each question, calling into the radio station to answer the question. Once again, these are just the facts about Trivia weekend.
What can’t be fully explained is the unstoppable excitement and thrill that comes with each new question, an excitement that doesn’t let up for 50 consecutive hours. Augment this with the occasional action question: sack race up Union Hill in the snow at 4 a.m., collect a pound of human hair, perform a historical dance for President Beck. Now add the insanity that comes with sleep deprivation and constant anticipation and you’ve got yourself a contest.
So, while Trivia XLI may be a term away, when it creeps up on you near the end of January be ready and give it a try. If you’re not hooked after an hour or two of play, then go ahead and quit, no hard feelings. But I doubt very much that you’ll forget that hour of Trivia.