Appleton Restaurants

Born, Mary

It’s close to 11 p.m. You’ve been in the library for what seems like forever, and the inevitable has finally happened: you’re starving. After a lackluster meal at a somewhat unappetizing cafeteria, it was only a matter of time before the hunger pangs started to kick in.
Downer is open for dinner from 5-7:30 p.m. The food offered during these few hours often leaves much to be desired. After 7:30, students are somewhat out of luck. There’s the grill at Memorial Union, but let’s be honest: one can only eat so many chicken quesadillas before the need for more exciting options arises.
It is mandatory that all freshmen have the “full” meal plan, which amounts to 175 meals over the course of the term or about 15 meals a week. As freshmen find out sooner rather than later, this amount is a little excessive, considering how difficult it is to get excited about the food being offered. For this reason, students often find themselves drifting away from campus in a desperate search for more satisfying food.
One of the most obvious choices is Erbert & Gerbert’s. Right around the corner from Colman Hall, and just a short jaunt from Plantz and Ormsby, it is convenient and low-priced. At Erb’s ‘n’ Gerb’s, one can find a variety of sandwiches that are made right in front of you with fresh ingredients. The best feature, however, is the fact that it is open much later than anything else on College Avenue – until 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 2:30 on the weekend, delivering late into the night.
Another popular spot is Hunan 1, a Chinese restaurant located right next to Erbert & Gerbert’s. This place has a special discount for Lawrence students and is almost always affordable. It is rare to walk in and not see a few familiar faces. The service is fast and the food is raved-about. Hunan 1 also delivers, which comes in very handy when those Wisconsin winters set in and the prospect of going outside becomes unbearable.
If the occasion calls for something a little more fancy, such as parents coming to visit – and paying for dinner – Victoria’s on College Avenue is a favorite among Lawrence students. A large, sit-down Italian restaurant, Victoria’s has a huge menu, so everyone is bound to find something they like. The portions are gigantic, so there are always plenty of leftovers for the next day. Victoria’s is within easy walking distance, a big plus as many Lawrence students do not enjoy the luxury of a car on campus.
Finally, there is the staple college favorite: pizza. Appleton has a variety of delivery pizza places that are but a phone call away. Papa John’s tends to be the most popular, as there are coupons for discounts on pizza put up all over the freshman dorms. However, when that becomes boring, there is also Domino’s and Muncheez Pizza. Muncheez will deliver much later then everyone else, and has the added benefit of cheesy bread that comes free with the pizza. When you’re sharing with your roommate, the more food the better.
These are only a few of the many restaurants scattered throughout the city of Appleton. All the above restaurants are within walking or calling distance from campus. So next time you find yourself sitting in your room or locked in the library thinking about the unfulfilling meals pushed on you night after night, remember that there are other options. Great food can be just a phone call or a few steps away!