New Lawrence Faculty and Staff -bkm KOE -amb

Beth McHenry

As always, a new year includes many new faces, and not all of them are students. Along with the 449 new students, a near record in Lawrence history, the 2005-2006 year will see many more new faces as 39 instructors, lecturers, fellows, professors, and administrative staff join the Lawrence community.
Seven new instructors will be teaching at Lawrence for at least a term, and many will be at Lawrence for the year. Amy Speier, Shannon Goff, Bryan Brophy-Baermann, Abd al-Hakeem Carney, Robert Johnson, and Anthea Kreston will be offering courses in Anthropology, Art, Government, Religious Studies, Theatre Drama, and Music, respectively. Lee Tomboulian will be a Music instructor at Lawrence for the next three years.
There are also eight new lecturers at Lawrence this year. Rachel Knighten, Nancy Gates Madsen, Keith Powell, Max Verita, Kiyomi Fujii, KrisAnne Weiss, Albert Bellg, and J. Timothy Petersik will be at Lawrence for one or more of the terms. Most will lecture for Freshman Studies, but Fujii and Weiss will lecture for courses in Japanese and Music while Bellg and Petersik will both lecture in Psychology.
The 2005-2006 academic year also introduces the Lawrence Predoctoral Fellows program, in which recent Ph.D.s may participate in mentoring, teaching, and research collaborations. This school year will be the pilot year for the Lawrence fellows, and there are nine Lawrence Fellows: Deanna Byrnes, biology; Melanie Boyd, gender studies; David Sunderlin, geology; Daniel Barolsky, music history; Jennifer Fitzgerald and Marcos Balter, music theory and composition; Jenny Keefe, philosophy; Joan Marler, physics; and Annette Thornton, theatre arts. Each fellow will stay for at least one academic year, and most will be at Lawrence for two years.
Three visiting assistant professors will stay for the year. Winnie Chan, English; Jeremy Zilber, government; and John Gates, vocal music.
David Becker was hired with tenure as professor of music and orchestra director. Steven Spears was promoted to the tenure-track position of assistant professor of music and Julie Lindemann and John Shimon will have tenure track positions as assistant professors of art. Julia Stringfellow was hired for a three-year period as archivist and reference librarian.
Many important administrative positions are filled as of this year. Robert Beeman will serve as Athletic Director. Julie Haurykiewicz fills a new position as coordinator of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Two deans were also hired: Robert Thayer as dean of the conservatory and David Burrows as dean of the faculty and provost.