How Music ******is****** Cool -AS

Brad Lindert

Okay, so last week I went the way of a pompous rock critic that you hear from all the time on the web (, I’m looking your way) or even in magazines. Though I don’t see how one could be a pompous elitist when they are saying that Dashboard Confessional is the greatest cult band out there… but I need to get on topic this week.
So last week, yeah, I know, I was a sarcastic guy who talked down about music and I got a lot of good feedback. One would expect me to naturally stick to that formula. Sorry to disappoint all my fan out there but this week I am going to wax philosophical and sentimental about music.
Two shows happened this past weekend that made me remember who good music really is. Yes, I know that music is just something on a PC, CD, or LP, but in reality music is more than that. It connects with parts of your brain that books, movies, and food can’t connect to.
I’d even go so far as to say that drugs aren’t as good as music. For one thing, music is cheaper. I have, however, gone through withdrawal when I haven’t bought a CD in a couple weeks. So maybe music is a drug… again I am off topic.
Victoria Davitt played on Friday and it was great. A good crowd was there and she played my old favorites. With a couple of songs she was able to transport me back to high school.
I was sitting in a small coffee shop in Manitowoc. I was sitting next to my coffee friends drinking my first lattes and mochas. I was young and innocent. And I thought that the girl playing was amazing (and she had pink hair, how cool is that!).
Then reality hit me when she played a new song called “Wide Eyes.” She hit me hard when she sang about once having pink hair, but now she’s different. And with that I proceeded to stop dreaming about being young and stupid and began to realize where I was and how I got here.
You see, music is not just a status symbol; it can make you remember stuff that you never thought you would think of again.
Sometimes music can make you think of things you never thought you would think of. Yeah, I am talking about Thoth. Okay, what was that? That was amazing, that’s what it was. That’s all I can say, really. I found him to be a truly Gyntian character.
He was such an enigma – and then he spoke. This once amazing, confusing person became human when he spoke, and the magic was gone. But the magic and the atmosphere of his music still remained.
It was his music that transported me to another place. I just sat in awe the entire night. I left that show with a high that I haven’t gotten from music in a long time.
Sure, some of you out there did not like him. I can understand that; I mean, he dances, plays the violin, and sings in a made up language. That is funny, but it is also a beautiful piece of music that he has created. And sometimes beauty takes precedence over absurdness.
Oh, and don’t worry, I most likely will be sarcastic next week and bash everything I just said, so if you like that sort of thing just wait a few days.