Drinking is not defiant, says Humbert dissenter

Kelly Shaw Willman

I am writing in response to Robin Humbert’s article, “‘Fight’ for our right to party.” I happen to be one of “many” students “rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning” and I don’t think you, Robin, or anyone else on this campus has a right to refer to me as “defiant.” Someone who is defiant resists authority, and I have been nothing but cooperative with every authoritative figure I’ve dealt with before and after my so-called “activism.”

Two weekends ago, I had no intention of causing a scene or subjecting myself to a $2 thousand night of unremembered chaos, but 15 vodka shots and two bottles of wine later, I did just that.

If I had been out drinking tonight (which is Friday), I would not have painted on my canvas, written a new poem, or talked to my much-missed brothers on the phone. Most importantly, I would not have read your article or written this response.

I must say that sobriety is quite refreshing. I have not been inebriated, in any way, for two weeks now. I have chosen to “lay low,” and create, and organize my invisible finances rather than exhibit my amazing talent with a beer bong.

I realize your article was not directed at me personally, but I consider many of your statements to be indirect reminders of a weekend I would prefer to place on the back shelves of my mind.

Peter Gillette’s article says, “Trust me, you aren’t that important.” I wish I wasn’t. I wish people would quit talking and quit attempting to classify me as someone I am not.

I encourage you and everyone else on this small campus to pick up a book by Bukowski or listen to the brilliant music of Mum; indulge in new forms of creation instead of spending your time classifying others. It may bring out the “mature” side in you.