Can’t we all just get along?

Robin Humbert

In a class about two weeks ago, an ignorant comment was made toward a Lawrence athlete. In was in response to a wrong answer given by the athlete: something like, “Well, he plays basketball, what did you expect?” At Lawrence, I would expect students to be more educated and realize that one’s basketball skills should have no effect on one’s general intellect.

That goes for all sports or activities, because stereotyping does not end at sports. There is a notion that conservatory students are either socially inept or merely “too good” to have fun, or the term “band nerd” comes to mind.

I do not know if such offenses were created in response to another, like the “dumb jock” coming up with the “band nerd” term first, or vice versa.

However, I believe that such labeling causes anger. I know that if I were the basketball player, I would be very angry with the person calling me stupid for being physically gifted, especially since such judgment was passed on only one incorrect answer. Just as a conservatory student may feel resentment toward accusations about themselves.

Not only do these type casts cause anger, but there is also no evidence to prove them. In fact, according to the basketball stat book this year, the sophomore with the highest GPA in his class plays on the basketball team.

Also, there are many conservatory students who frequent social outings and have fun. And besides, anyone who wants to label people for any reason, are just plain stupid heads.