Career Corner

Dr. Kellie Brown ( ’89) was featured in her local newspaper for saving a patient’s life. Her job is satisfying, she says, knowing that people are walking around thanks to her operations. “It is an amazing feeling,” she remarked. Ever since the age of five, Dr. Brown wanted to be a doctor. Her father heard of Lawrence, and after Dr. Brown visited, she applied for an early decision and was accepted. She began with a major in biology, and eventually decided to major in biology-chemistry interdisciplinary studies.

Dr. Brown loved her Animal Behavior class with Professor Rence. She worried about grades as most pre-med students do, but worked diligently to achieve success in difficult classes such as Organic Chemistry. Dr. Brown took advantage of the courses Lawrence offered and enrolled in an improvisational acting class. It was one of her most memorable experiences. She also took History of Science with six other history majors lead by Professor Cohen. The class taught her more than she could ever imagine.

Once in medical school, Kellie missed the diverse classes at Lawrence. All she studied day and night was medicine. In residency, Dr. Brown realized she wanted to be a professor of vascular surgery. Now she works at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee from seven in the morning until as late as seven at night. She operates on patients in the morning, does paperwork, is on call eight days out of the month, and works in clinic once a week. “No two days are really the same”, she commented.

If she could do it over again, Dr. Brown says she would have taken a year off between Lawrence and medical school. Also, she would not have worried so much about grades, and would have taken more classes outside of her major. To those interested in medicine, Dr. Brown advises to do well in classes of ones major, but also, to “take the things you’re interested in. Take a history class, take advantage of the liberal arts that Lawrence provides.” Most of all, Kellie advises to enjoy life to its fullest!

Written by Rachel Gates,

Career Assistant