Law to move to Denison University

Andrew Law, Director of International and Off Campus Programs, has resigned his position, effective March 1, to accept a similar position at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Law joined the Lawrence Community in the fall of 2000 and has worked to update and expand the portfolio of off-campus programs available to students. Law was also in charge of scheduling student weekends at Bjorklunden, Lawrence’s Door County retreat.Law said, “[I wanted] to help focus the program and tie it in with the broader purpose of a liberal arts college.”

He said that he wanted everyone at Lawrence, no matter their major, to have a choice of off campus studies programs that suited their major.

Law said that he feels that he has largely been successful in expanding the portfolio.

“We are probably in a position where [a student of] any major would have at least one option for off campus studies,” he said.

Lawrence now offers students the opportunity to study in over forty programs in the United States and abroad. Students have the opportunity to study in all continents, save Antarctica

With Law’s departure, Associate Dean of the Faculty Jerry Seaman will handle questions regarding off campus programs. Ben Meyer of the Bjorklunden staff will handle arrangements for Bjorklunden weekend seminars.