LU’s Best Dressed

Meghan McCallum

In the past two weeks, you may have seen some of the Lawrentian staff tabling at Downer for our “Best Dressed” poll. We asked students to vote for the three most awesomely-clad Lawrentians. The choice was completely up to them – we received some votes for professors (Hah and Spurgin tied with three votes each), one for Jesus Christ, and one for the women’s Frisbee team. Luckily, most of the votes were in fact for Lawrence students and we were able to come up with some results.
Our Best Dressed female on campus is senior Kate Negri. You may have spotted her around — she’s usually wearing some pretty cool (often bright-colored) clothes. It just so happens that Kate won the Best Dressed award in her senior year of high school, too. Kate just has an undeniably sweet style.
We’re also proud to announce freshman Gus Christensen as our Best Dressed Male. “I just wear what I like – clothes that make me feel confident,” he says. He said this includes “screen-printed T-shirts that my brother made me, and a lot of jackets. I like jackets.” We hope that Gus continues to be a fashion role model at Lawrence for years to come… until he graduates, that is.
So, congratulations to Kate and Gus, and for all you other folks out there… throw on a sweatshirt and get to class! Leave the fashion to these guys..