Kappa Kappa Awesome

Zack Eustis

Many Lawrentians have become enthralled with thefacebook.com. Some use it to create hilarious fake profiles, others enjoy finding out how many Lawrentians actually list their political views as “very conservative” (15). The Facebook provides students not only with the chance to learn deep personal secrets/factoids about other Lawrentians, but also serves as a means to learn more about campus organizations and their members.
One of the most frequently sought out groups is none other than the hottest new fraternity on campus, Kappa Kappa Awesome. Co-founded this year by Alex Weck, Patrick Breese, and Peter Griffith, Kappa hosts meetings most Wednesdays, usually at 9:45 p.m. Kappa member Gabriel Davila describes the meetings as, “Having hilarious encounters where whatever we end up talking about is awesome. [The meetings] usually end up as a party.” When asked about the top secret Kappa Kappa Awesome initiation, Davila responded by saying, “Even that was pretty awesome… though of course I can’t tell you anything about it.”
Recently, the brothers of Kappa Kappa Awesome adopted a stretch of highway which Griffith says they plan to clean “occasionally.” T-shirts promoting the organization are on the way as well, though there is no known date of arrival as of yet. The biggest event Kappa has planned for the spring is the first annual Kappa Kappa Awesome formal, where the brothers are encouraged to find dates in the most hilarious manner possible. Promotional material for the event will be posted in the near future.
One of the group’s major struggles is the lack of a fraternity house, though their bid for a 2005-2006 theme house could change that significantly. While the group’s membership is strong, they will lose both Weck and Griffith after the 2006 school year, making the future hierarchy of the group ripe for the climbing. If you are an independent male who has become disenchanted with the “Big Five” fraternities on campus, pledging Awesome may be right up your alley.