Popcorn, music, and inflatables

Engel, Jessica

This past Saturday, Ormsby Hall Council, with the additional sponsorship of LUCC, put on its annual Ormsby Zoo Days. It took place from 2 p.m. to midnight, and despite the hailstorm at about 3 p.m., the smell of fresh popcorn continued to lure the eternally hungry student body. According to Laura Rosenberg, once the hailstorm started, “people just made mad dashes for the building.” Yet, even while the weather was bad, students partook in the many amusements offered at Ormsby Zoo Days.
Apparently, the cost of facing the rain was outweighed by the plethora of free items offered on Main Hall Green. A ready swarm of students surrounded the cotton candy and popcorn table, while many a painted face could be seen around campus that day. Meanwhile, others utilized the inflatables, which included a Velcro wall, an obstacle course, as well as a bungee run. Additionally, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm, an all-campus picnic took place. Then, from 5 p.m. to midnight, a milieu of musical acts entertained Ormsby Zoo Days attendees, as well as Shack-a-Thon attendees – the two groups became almost synonymous.
The schedule of musical acts included Zach Johnson, the Charlie Christenson Trio, the Blueberry Scones, GuitARMY, Vale Todo, Cantus Forte, and LUHME. The musical acts, which faced Shack-a-Thon’s makeshift homes, were welcomed by their builders, many of whom had been camped out since early that day. The acts kept them going for the long, cold night ahead.
Shack-a-Thon goers were not the only ones to be drawn into this fun-filled event. Many area teens, presumably on their way to the YUAI’s Skappleton event, decided to check out Ormsby Zoo Days. Although many may have assumed that the planning of numerous concurrent events campus-wide would have hindered the turnout for Ormsby Zoo Days, it only made it stronger. A little May hailstorm couldn’t stop the excitement that was Ormsby Zoo Days.