LU Trivia Weekend 2003

Bucky&s Team, which won first place on campus, was headquartered in the basement of Plantz Hall. (Julien Poncet)

This year’s trivia contest has come and gone with much sucess. From sleep depravation to action questions, teams gave it their all in hopes of winning glory, fame, and some piece of junk the Trivia Masters bestowed as a prize. Among the prizes this year were a dried squid on a stick, an old shag-orange bathroom scale, a shark condom cover, and a light-up cigarette display duct-taped to a broken office chair. From top to bottom: David Schultz caught by surprise; phone answerers take abreak in between questions; Lindsay and Lauren do their best impersonation of each other; Andrew plays for the Konami code team (he also lit his nipples on fire); Carnage left behind from an on campus team.

Phone answerers are sometimes hard to come by, but this year, some stayed as long as 24 hours. (Julien Poncet)

Phred Beattie will be next year&s Grand Master. (Julien Poncet)

This year&s Grand Master of Trivia Cene Ketcham looking far more serious than he should. (Julien Poncet)