Resolve needed to complete Iraq war

Matthew Koeberl

Wars are always won on the offensive. The War on Terrorism, and more specifically the front in Iraq, is no different. Our great military forces efficiently and effectively drove Saddam Hussein from power, restored hope to the Iraqi people, and are now working on the task of rebuilding Iraq. Our soldiers are exhausted, but our men and women in uniform are trained to deal with exhaustion. Iraqis are happy that Saddam is gone, but we know that Saddam is not gone until he is dead or in the custody of the allied forces.

If the US leaves now, we would lose a major front in the War on Terror, and Iraq would become the haven for terrorists. A hasty US withdrawal from Iraq would cause Iraqis to lose faith in the US, as this would become the second time we were unable to secure Iraqi liberation.

The current plan of action is to phase out current allied forces from action in Iraq into a multinational peacekeeping force, including Iraqis, as Iraqis build their own government.

Everyday that US troops stay in Iraq, the terrorists become more desperate and realize that the dictatorship in which they prospered and recruited has fallen to freedom.

Support our troops by letting them know we appreciate what they are doing for us and for the Iraqi people. Our military men and women undoubtedly miss their loved ones, but they know the importance of the War on Terrorism.

Allied forces are liberating millions of Iraqis from an oppressive government and making a bold statement to terrorists around the world that the US and its allies are willing to go anywhere and pay any price to fight global terrorism.

Matthew Koeberl
Class of 2004